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“I believe, without fail, that every single person who works as a manager should absolutely become an expert in dealing with difficult people, difficult conversations and difficult situations.”

When managers cannot do this work, they cannot succeed in their role.

Dealing with DIFFICULT is like playing whack-a-mole! We think that if we could just not have to deal with that person or that conversation or that situation and everything will be better. But just as soon as we’ve dealt with THAT difficult situation, another one pops up.

There is no end to dealing with difficult when you lead, manage and coach people.

I just want managers to know it doesn’t have to be so difficult. You manage people. You deal with colleagues and employees and supervisors. Inevitably there will be times, experiences, and conversations that are really tough to get through. Every manager needs to know how to deal with difficult, as it (can be) a part of their daily work.

For as much leadership development that is out there, we generally do a pretty poor job of preparing our leaders to handle what is difficult. And the truth is so much of what managers deal with is difficult and uncomfortable.

So much of the reason we struggle with difficult is because challenges can seem so complex. Multi-faceted with too many layers to make our way through.

In our work together, I coach and teach clients how to find the simplicity of the problems they face. There really is a way to work through difficult with much more ease than you are right now. There are essential elements that every manager should learn, understand and integrate into their daily managing and leading of their team. With these elements clearly mapped out, explained and cultivated, managers are able to thrive in their role AND build high performing- engaged teams!

Through 1:1 coaching, workshops, presentations and online resources, I give all of my clients and organizational partners tools that can be applied over and over and over again.

Just think… What would it be like if there was a simple answer to the complex challenges you are facing?
There is.
I have it.
I’m here to help!