Arguing is a Tease…

woman shouting in megaphone at the tired manYou think you can make your employees understand.
You think when they push back, you should too.
You think you can win. And prove. And … be ‘right’.
What if none of that was necessary?
It’s tempting to be drawn into an argument.
To get them to agree with you.
So we can all see ‘eye-to-eye’.
Sometimes, consensus is unavailable.
Sometimes, we have to lead.
We have to direct.
Without others agreeing with us.
Leaders don’t argue.
Leaders move organizations in the directions that make sense for the organization.
While it would be nice if everyone agreed with you and saw things your way… they won’t.
Do it anyway.
Be focused on what the organization needs to thrive and move forward.
Avoid the temptation to argue.
Because when you do, you become the problem.
You become the argumentative one.
You become the one who doesn’t listen or has to be right.
It’s a tease.
You think it will work.
It doesn’t.
Be confident.
Move forward.
Teach your team how to do the same.
My clients learn how to not attend the arguments their employees invite them to.
Not arguing is such a better option.
Learn how to be confident, decide and move forward with other leaders like you in my signature Manager Coaching Program called The Core. 
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p.s. I made you a quick video called “How Not to Argue”  a few months back. You can (re)watch it HERE.