Creating a Life vs Living a Life

I’m 47 this year.
I’ve had, what I believe to be, way too many conversations with my contemporaries of late, about how they WISH they’d done this… or that.. or hadn’t worried so much about (this or that).
In my experience, many adults react to life, much like a pin ball reacts to the pins in the machine.
Not intentionally directed.
Just more trying really hard not to fall.
Many of us ‘wake up’ in our mid-30’s or later and wonder, did I really want to be an “_____________”?
Maybe not.
The best news: If you’re still here, you still can create the career, relationship, body, you want…
You can reassume supervision of yourself and your outcomes.
But it requires intentional thinking.
It requires being willing to deal with discomfort and doing things that are new or hard to do.
And it requires goals that (yes) you may fail at achieving.
In my latest podcast I talk about how too many managers I work with are not clear about what they are working towards.
They don’t have a plan.
When you don’t know where you’re headed it can make the situations you’re facing today seem terminal and never ending.
You can’t see beyond where you are, because you believe you’ll always be where you are, right this moment. Stuck with this employee or this boss or this colleague or…..
It’s why managers struggle with difficult employees and bosses and peers.
It’s why we allow them to take up so much of our mental space.
We don’t see beyond them. Not because they aren’t really temporary, but because we aren’t CREATING something beyond our current experience.
But I promise, you are creating a life and a career every-single-day.
You’re either doing so in an unsupervised or supervised manner.
This week, ask yourself a few simple questions:
What do I want my life to look like one year from now?
What do I really, really, really want for my (life, work, body, relationships)?
What am I really, really, really willing to do to get what I want?
Either way.
If you’ve slipped out of the driver’s seat for yourself.
Pop yourself back in.
You’ve got this!
I know you do!