Ep #11: Managers and Coaching Algebra


Depending on the current circumstances and how we choose to look at it, performance management can either be the “Banes of Existence” for a lot of managers, or one of the most exciting parts of being a leader.

On this episode of Life Coach LLC podcast, we talk about a formula that helps managers think about how to improve performance, identify where performance is either thriving or is decreased, and how to get better results and achieve success with your team.  This is something I call “Coaching Algebra.”

Join us to learn about a simple way to think about performance, so that you can diagnose where the issues are, and come up with potential solutions to help you get improved results. I examine the two areas of employee performance that directly affect why they get certain results, and what we as managers can do to help them improve each area. Don’t miss this  important episode that is sure to help you get closer to mastering performance management.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • An easy formula for improved performance.
  • The factors that contribute to performance quality.
  • Why replicating what high-performers  do, does not always produce the same results.
  • Two questions managers should consider in order to help achieve certain results for an organization.
  • The importance of educating employees that are lacking necessary skills.
  • Why the right mindset is crucial to achieving results and what you can do to help employees obtain it.
  • My favorite exercise for understanding why we are, or are not , getting certain results.

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  • Jordi Rodríguez Campano says:

    Wonderful podcast, Kris. Can you send me the algebra model, please?
    Thank you very much.

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