Executive Performance Coaching for Leaders Under Fire

I work with a unique Executive Client.

The ‘tough’ cases, if you will.

All of us experience challenges in our career, but as an executive, you have to contend with a unique layer to your challenge…

There are very few people you can turn to for feedback, advice and direction.

Because YOU are the one who is supposed to offer that to others.

Maybe you’ve received difficult feedback.

It’s been hard to hear.

You’re very accomplished.

You have a long list of successes in your career.

You are an expert in what you do.

You know what you’re doing.

Others come to YOU to learn.


You’ve been told to work on your “people” skills.

You’ve been given specific direction to improve relationships with peers and/or subordinates.

You’ve been told others don’t trust you or find you hard to work with.

They may be intimidated by you or even fear you.

You realize you may have hit a career stalling moment.

Despite all you know and everything you are capable of, your talent is getting lost in the milieu of poor communication, challenging relationships and misunderstandings.

You feel stalled and vulnerable.

You’re a little lost about how to move forward.

Your intentions are good, but others don’t know that.

You’re ready to do something about it, so you can maximize your performance as a senior leader.

You know you have a little work to do and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future.

You’ve come to the perfect place.

I can help you.

I promise.

We’ll do powerful work together to fix your challenges, repair essential relationships and rebuild your confidence.

I am an expert in working with leaders who’ve been labeled ‘difficult’ to work with. I know exactly what to do to help you.



In order to improve how we lead others, we first have to learn and unlearn key leadership principles and practices. Most of my clients are incredibly accomplished. We will take what you know and ADD to it.


In order to master leadership, we must be willing to see and experience ourselves as others do. This can be tough. But it is an essential step in our ability to progress and achieve success.


We spend our careers leveraging our talents to move the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. The key to leading others is leading self. What does it mean to master self-leadership and apply it to the leadership of others? THIS is key to our work together.


Others must actively choose to follow your vision and leadership, to create sustainable organizational performance.  Today more, than ever, individuals want to know that by working for YOU, they will have more opportunity.  We must master our ability to tap into others’ sense of self-inspiration and purpose.

Work with Me

Work with Me

I only work with a small group of leaders at any give time. To schedule a consultation and discuss options for coaching, please click below and book a time to connect.


Executive Coaching Client Testimonials

After over 20 years in corporate sales leadership and management roles, I found Kris at a time when I felt “lost” as a leader.  Working with Kris helped me reconnect with my passion for leading teams and developing others, while also coaching me in navigating some fairly challenging political terrain.
I recommend Kris for anyone who wants “on the field” support in developing strategy for tackling difficult specific interpersonal and team situations. She helps me to develop the plan and remains available for support as the situation progresses.  We always follow up on the outcome and discuss what needs to happen next.
I now take a step back and consider how “I want to show up” with the outcome I want to achieve in executive management interactions.  Before, I lacked ownership and confidence going into the conversation, and I would often appear defensive when things took a different path than I had hoped.  This approach gives me tremendous confidence going into a difficult or uncomfortable situation and improves my ability to redirect the conversation and/or my position as appropriate.
Working with Kris has helped me significantly improve my professional impact.
My partnership with Kris has been incredibly valuable as I plan the next chapter of my career.  She gathers information through all of our conversations to build a strong understanding of what’s important to me, where I excel, and where I struggle. As I consider all of the amazing possibilities open to me, she helps me to “test” those choices against my strengths, values and goals as I’ve outlined.   With her as a “thinking partner”, I am so much more confident in taking that next big step!
Vice President of Sales, Consumer Packaged Goods

I’ve learned about myself that I am a great consumer of knowledge but APPLYING it is where I struggled. By working in partnership with Kris, I identified where I needed the most accountability and began putting into place all the concepts I knew I should be implementing but just wasn’t.

I now have tough conversations that actually help improve my team when I used to put them off before working with Kris.

I now have very clear expectations for myself and my team which makes management so much easier and predictable.

I’d recommend Kris as a coach to other leaders who want to take action to exceed the goals that you have set for yourself and your team.

If you want to ideas that are truly actionable tomorrow in your position, you should work with Kris. After each call/session, I would make a plan that I could implement the next day.

Michelle Arant, Ed,D. , Chief Academic Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Savant Learning Systems

Working with Kris has helped me get out of my emotions when dealing with management / leadership issues and instead get to practical solutions.  She has taught me so much, but most especially how to set up employees for success (KPI) and keep myself accountable (performance is not an opinion).  She has been invaluable in navigating personality conflicts across my very broad team of over 700, and in personally coaching me on how to best interact with my boss and decision makers.  I have learned to evaluate my thinking about situations that I tend to label, and people I may tend to label.  She has been a great support in holding space for me to have emotions (fear, anger, hurt) and then determine an action plan from a place of maturity and perspective.

I now give much better expectations counseling, one-on-one meetings, and performance counseling to my subordinates after working with Kris.

I’d recommend Kris as a coach to other leaders who want to improve their organizational performance, personal leadership behaviors, and mature emotionally as a leader.  If you want to up level yourself, and your team, you absolutely should work with Kris!  You will learn, have fun, and bring it!

Military Leader, US Military