When I was a new manager, I found myself very lost for direction.

I took over an average performing team. I had been a top performer in my previous position. But, I was from the ‘flagship’ center so my performance was attributed more to my market, then to my  skills. Initially, my employees were quick to discredit my success and skills and justify my success based on my location. Conversely, they blamed their low performance on their location.

I also inherited several bitter, angry and disgruntled employees. Their feelings, in many ways, were justified. They had been managed by a cruel and uninspiring person (at best).

Almost immediately I was facing challenges I never anticipated. I had some support from my off-location Human Resources rep and an SVP who took special interest in mentoring me (thank goodness).

But mostly, I was left to my own devices, to figure out how to navigate this exceptionally difficult environment.

It was really, really, REALLY rough.

Eventually,  things worked out.

We became a top performing location.

We built out several new locations.

I received several acknowledgements for my management and leadership performance, even securing the Top Manager in the organization award.

It was all (eventually) okay.

But about a year into my new role as a manager, I decided it shouldn’t have to be this hard for new leaders.

So, I started to create tools, resources and training workbooks for new managers in my role.

And so began a long career of working hard to simplify what always feels so complex, to so many people who manage people.

I’ve learned through effort and strain and frustration and too-many-challenging-moments to count, that leading and managing and coaching employees is a tough position… but it isn’t complex.

My work as a Coach, Facilitator and Speaker is to simplify what’s difficult.

Over the past 20 years in my leadership career I’ve witnessed so many leaders fervently seek out HOW to do the best job they can. Many with very little resources.

I want to take what seems elusive and make it totally available, to everyone.

We can do a better job at helping leaders lead. We really can.

We can stop tangling people up with the complexities of leading and managing and stay focused on the Core Elements that we know truly matter.

This is what I plan to do.


When I’m not working, I’m with my beautiful family. I’ve been married for 20 years to a man who is an honor to share life with. My children are full of smarts and talent and curiosity. I have two cute dogs and live in a lovely community.

If you can’t find me with my family. Then you will find me at the beach.

I’m glad you’re here.

Let’s do some good work together.