Managers & Overwhelm

Silhouettes of stressed business woman in the office.
Every manager I talk with these days is overwhelmed.
It is the most common feeling I hear about.
Too much work.
Too little resources.
Too little time.
Feeling overwhelm for most of us shuts us down.
This feeling actually makes us less productive.
In the very moment when we say we want to be more productive.
So, when you feel overwhelm, you’re getting a BIG CLUE into your brain.
Your mind is telling you this is too much.
We can’t do all of this.
We’ll never get it all done.
We can’t possibly make this work on such limited time and resources.
But you can.
I know you can.
Here’s how I know.
Because you will do exactly what should be done, because it will be what you get done.
There is not more or less.
There is not better or worse.
Believe you will get done what is supposed to be done and sit down to do it.
Ask yourself these four questions today and get started:
What result will I achieve today?
What action(s) do I need to take to achieve this result?
How will I need to feel to take this action?
What do I need to believe about myself in order to feel this way?
Overwhelm is a feeling.
It isn’t who you are.
Feeling overwhelm is awesome insight into your brain trying to trick you.
Trick it back.
Take control.
Be intentional.
Get done exactly what should be done today.