Performance is NOT an Opinion


Communicating a message

The most valuable practice you can develop as a leader, when dealing with difficult employees, is to focus on facts not opinions.

Notice what they DO or DON’T do, rather than the labels (lazy, rude, argumentative, know-it-all, etc.) you assign for their behavior.

Practice today just noticing WHAT you observe rather than thinking you know WHY they did (or didn’t do) what they were supposed to do.

Studies show that most of the time we assume WHY people do what they do...we’re wrong.

  • Focus on facts.
  • Provide feedback and direction for improvement.
  • Your employees will be the ones to determine if they, ultimately, want to BE the person who changes.
  • You choose who you want to be as a leader based on what they do or don’t do.

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Learn to deal with your difficult employees as a practice, not an event.

Then, no matter who ends up on your team or in your organization, you will have it HANDLED.

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