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About The Book:

We all encounter difficult people in work and in life. In fact, I often say that difficult people at work is like playing ‘whack-a-mole’. Just when one goes away, another one shows up.  It’s a REAL issue for all of us, all over the world.  This simple guide has five easy ‘invitations’ that offer insight and perspective for how YOU can better negotiate how you deal with difficult personalities.


About The Book:

Difficult people and their difficult behavior can create significant individual, team and organizational dysfunction. Despite the fact that there are thousands of employees working today that are considered to be ‘difficult’, we have done a very poor job of helping managers learn how to effectively coach their difficult behavior. Coaching the difficult person takes a unique, specific approach…

About The Book:

Managing people is hard.  Change Your Think, offers valuable and easy recommendations to help managers lighten the load of leading and managing others.  Sometimes, we get too caught up in how things should be so we avoid dealing with them as they are. Using the tools in Change Your Think helps managers improve their communication, listening and critical thinking skills.


About The Book:

Are you at your wits end dealing with your difficult employee? Not sure what to do to change their behavior and mitigate their impact on the team?

This short, quick read will layout EXACTLY what you MUST do to fix the situation.

Difficult employees are unavoidable, but there are proven practices that work to address their performance. AND these practices will help you prevent difficult employees in the future.


About The Book:

I specialize in coaching difficult leaders and high performers. I know it can be a tough time.  I’ve worked with clients who rally from this challenge and accomplish great things in their careers.

This is THE guide to walk you through how to navigate yourself out of the challenge.

With very clear direction and steps, the guide will help you reestablish yourself and get back to accomplishing meaningful work AND rebuilding important relationships.



About The Book:

Senior and HR executives are tasked with mitigating ‘difficult’ leadership behavior.
In many cases, some of the company’s top leaders also create challenges by how they treat and interact with staff.
This guide is the definitive outline for what to do to handle these challenges.
Inside you’ll find clear, practical steps to take to address the challenging behavior of your most talented leaders.
It’s a delicate situation, the unique solutions offered in this guide (if applied) will have a dramatic, positive impact on your organization.