“My experience in working with Kris as a coach 1:1 is always amazing! Her background in Corporate America allows her to identify with any issue that I present. She helps me to narrow down my concerns into bite size pieces so that it’s not as overwhelming as it seems. She’s taught me to look at my thoughts in a situation and how those thoughts cause my feelings (positive or negative), which drive my actions and ultimately results. No matter how big my issue is or how bad my world seems at that time, Kris is able to help give me insight into my own mind – which gives me the clarity I need to be successful as a leader!”

Kris Jackson Vice President of Contact Centers

I was fortunate to be a part of a Leadership Perspective program at Bank of Oklahoma where each team member was assigned a Leadership Coach. I was so fortunate to have Kris Plachy as my coach. My very first connection with Kris was awesome and created in me an excitement to continually grow and learn new ways to benefit myself and my company. I did not want to let Kris down because she consistently challenged and inspired me. During every session, I learned and gained insight on how to build my coaching skills through her examples and knowledge base. I was truly sad when our last session was over. I am using Kris’ book “Change Your Think” with my managers, and I continue to listen to her podcasts in order to keep learning and growing so that I can be a better leader and coach.

Cathy WilsonSVP, Regional Manager

I trust you (which is about me) and I think you are easy to trust (which is about you, because you convey that you want to see every person who crosses your path do something awesome). You see possibilities everywhere, and that is the kind of world view, energy, perspective I want to surround myself with. You are highly relatable. You have empathy for the situations (and thoughts) I find myself in, and can share examples from your own experience to illustrate a point or an opportunity. ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating’ – I just wrote my first intentional LinkedIn post sharing my perspective. I’ve thought about doing this dozens of times. What is different is that at this moment, I’m much clearer that these thoughts in my head are not the sidelines, they are the main event. I think it’s a result of the work I’ve been doing with you.

Executive DirectorExecutive Director

I related to Kris at the beginning of our sessions that I felt that “everything I thought I knew, I didn’t”. She helped me to look at situations with a different viewpoint; to be a little less “job” focused and a little more “people” focused”. This is not always an easy thing for me as I am very mission oriented but I now understand that there is more to the job than just “the job”. I am trying to engage with my team more and I feel like I am making progress. The most important thing that Kris taught me is that it is not “all about me”. Each member of my team has to meet the expectations required of them. The weight of that responsibility does not rest on my shoulders; it rests on theirs. It is my responsibility to guide them and that is what I am trying to focus on now.

AVP I Quality Control Supervisor-Operations

During the Leadership Coach Training, I walked away feeling confident that I am able to give my clients the tools needed to overcome obstacles they are facing in both their personal and professional lives. Personally, this training has helped to create self-awareness for myself and I use the tools learned on a daily basis. Implementing these tools in our everyday lives takes work, and does not happen overnight; however if you enter this training with an open mind and the willingness to learn it can be life changing!

Kari BowmanTraining Manager

We’ve seen the biggest impact across our company with the coaching model we now use through Leadership Coach, Inc. We are positively moving the needle in our company toward a culture of performance and behavioral coaching, and we could not have accomplished this cultural shift without Kris’ help and use of the leadership coaching model.

Charles SparksSVP, Director of Talent & Org Development

Best development courses I have ever had! Great tools, great concepts and the course materials are something I revisit often. All that coupled with Kris’ excellent talents and skills, makes this class a development power house. I really believe every business would benefit greatly from having someone, if not many, who have been through this course.

R.O.I.- Rapid Ongoing Insights Stephanie Merriman Training and Development

Taking the Leadership Coach Course really turned my coaching world upside down- for the better that is! This course really challenged me and got me out of my comfort zone. I learned so many new techniques to help me make the shift from advisor to coach. I have used some of the content already with our management team and the feedback has been great! Kris is a candid, tell it how it is teacher who makes being uncomfortable with yourself a whole lot of fun!

Kari Mitchell Director of Organizational Development

Kris’ Leadership Coach training allows each individual to construct and deliver a very direct and authentic message that is supportive and impactful. When the person receiving the coaching can understand the model and share it with others, it becomes even more powerful. Kris delivers the model and provides numerous real-life examples that are easy to understand and relate to every day situations. I strongly recommend Kris and Leadership Coach, Inc.

Jeff Reid SVP, Senior HR Business Partner

I really found your material very helpful – I’ve mentioned it several times since we left class – it’s stuck in my head forever.

Mike Miller DMV/ROD Chief of Staff