IMG_4177-PRINT-BWWhat if developing managers into leaders was simple?

What if there was a way to offer consistent, personable, ongoing and practical tools and practices to your management team, without having to spend hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars?

What if you could manage this powerful development of your leaders without having to pull them all into a room, at some central location, for several days?

What if developing managers into leaders could really be done that simply and what if it was already done for you?

I have what you’ve been looking for and there’s a very important reason why I created it.

I was YOU.

I led teams.

I led new managers.

Sometimes, I would have two or five or even up to nine new managers (just reporting to me).

It was impossible to give them all the kind of attention they needed to be skillful, let alone avoid potentially catastrophic mistakes that could put the organization in perilous risk.

And I couldn’t wait for the ONE manager training that would be offered five months after they started.

I had to figure it out… on my own.

So I did.

  • And then I figured out how to help others within my organization implement what I knew worked.
  • And then I created a national team that did this work and we were highly effective and notably recognized for our effectiveness.
  • And now, as a Leadership Coach, who has worked with thousands of managers, I’m ready to offer my solution to everyone.

This program will make essential, practical and immediately applicable manager development tools available to everyone.

My number one goal is to ensure that powerful tools are available on a massive, global scale. I want managers to feel amazing in their role. I want them to know they can do the hard work of managing and leading others. I want them to believe in themselves so they can use that confidence to create high performing, intensely engaged and productive employees!

I want everyone to have access to tools that work and I don’t believe price should exclude people from these meaningful, organization-saving tools.

You and I both know that leadership development programs can be ridiculously expensive. In fact, most programs (just for one leader) will cost an organization anywhere from $700 to $5000 per day of training.

I believe that leadership development is for everyone.

And so I built..

The Core.

The Core is a global, online leadership development program for leaders at all levels, in all industries and in all corners of the globe.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned by working with a global client base, it’s that the same core management skills are required everywhere.

And… those same core management skills are terribly under-developed and are often an afterthought in too many organizations.

Why aren’t companies investing in their management talent?

The reasons are compelling and not ill-intended:

  • Time is short
  • Demands are huge
  • Speed is immeasurable
  • Change is constant

Those of us who are responsible for developing leaders are forced into a quandary…

Develop leaders, but do so in as little time as possible;

spending as little money as possible;

with as little impact on the overall day-to-day operations of the business as possible.

I’ve had companies ask me to take a two-day workshop and condense it into a 90 minute session!  They are virtually saying “Give us as much as possible, without interrupting our work day.” (Ugh)

It’s a real issue that I know many of you are facing.

The Core will address this challenge.

The Core will offer little sips of key insights, tools and practices for leaders to implement each month.

Not too much.

Time to digest and apply what they’ve learned so their actual behavior will change.

We want our leaders to actually implement their new practices.

When they implement the practices taught in The Core, their own performance improves, the team performance improves and the organization WINS!

Manager success is not MAGIC. It is the willful, changing of behavior and practices.

How does it work?

  • Each student member will have access to a new Unit each month.
  • Included in each Unit will be video lecturettes, a workbook (or two) and other relevant resources/exercises.
  • Student members can also participate in an Online Forum to chat with each other and chat with their Coach, Kris Plachy. (me)
  • Student members can join as individuals and pay a monthly membership fee OR they can join as annual members and pay an annual membership fee.
  • Organizations can also join as members. Organizational Memberships are based on total participation count (see below).

What makes this different than other online training programs?

I’ve worked in education for over 20 years.

I’ve always been a proponent for in-person, face-to-face experiences. My opinion hasn’t changed. It’s my favorite work to do and it is my favorite way to participate as well.

But HERE’S THE DEAL… It doesn’t work all the time. It’s not an option for many, many organizations today. Either because of cost or time, many organizations cannot pull all of their leaders together for a day or two and put them through a series of workshops. And many organizations don’t have a lot of managers.

Small leadership teams, often don’t have any development access at all!

And even if they can get everyone in a room.. They learning DOESN’T STICK.

It’s a heartbreaking thing to actually say out loud, but it’s true.

Putting people through an eight-hour, classroom learning experience feels great and it can do a lot for engagement and team building. Engagement, team building and strengthening communication are exceptional reasons to do face-to-face learning experiences. But actually TRAINING is another story.

The learning at in person training is only proven to stick at about a 10% rate. (gulp)

That’s a lot of time and money spent on an experience, with very little ROI for the organization in terms of changed leadership behavior and practices.

I KNOW I can help your leaders learn through my platform because I’ve been doing so for years.

We need a blend.

We need a classroom ‘feeling’ in an online platform. Not a cold and formal (read boring) exercise.

In the work we do together, managers will have a personable, relatable experience.

My courses are not pretentious or formal.

They are honest, practical and relatable.

In The Core I give managers the experience of being with me and their peers, but its an experience they can access when they have time and the ability to focus.

I tell stories.

I share the experiences of others, of my clients and of my own leadership escapades!

I like to call this program ‘little sips’.We do better when we can take a little bit of information at a time and digest it, apply it, practice with it, fail at it, then try again.

This practice is especially powerful when you do the work as a cohort or as a team. That’s why I strongly encourage organizations to participate as Organizational Members.

What will managers learn in The Core?

Each month, new content and videos will be released. Here’s a list for the first Units:

* Introduction and overview of The Core Elements and why they are a necessary foundation for any leadership practice.

* Unit One: Self-Understanding and Awareness

* Unit Two: Setting Performance Expectations

* Unit Three: Establishing, Managing and Coaching to Key Performance Measures for all Staff Members

* Unit Four: Designing High Performing, Accountable Teams

* Unit Five: Manager Accountability Practices that Work

* Unit Six: Coaching, Key Tools & Processes

* Unit Seven: Coaching Methods and Practices

* Unit Eight: Identifying and Addressing Common Coaching Challenges for Managers

* Unit Nine:  How to Deal with a Difficult Employee on the Team

* Unit Ten: Conducting Difficult Conversations and Providing Feedback

Other topics that are on deck for future Units:

* Managing Change, Influencing Up, Delegation, Managing Managers, Leadership Brand and Personal Performance, Evaluating Performance, Manager Fuel, Preventing Difficult Employees on the Team, Types of Difficult Employees and How to Deal with Them, Manager Judgement, Mentoring Others, and many, many more.

When your managers participate in The Core, apply the concepts and create practices around them, you can expect you will be creating exceptional team leaders who will cultivate a powerful, high performance culture for your organization.

How Much Does The Core Cost?

Student Participant Members have two options.

Join as an Individual OR as a Corporate Member

Individual Membership:       $129.00 per month

Corporate Membership:       Monthly or Annual Group Pricing available (see below)

To JOIN as an Individual, Student Member. CLICK HERE

Program Membership access remains active, unless you stop payments. Refunds are not available for any content already consumed, downloaded or viewed. So, choose wisely and make sure this is the right thing for you and your team. Keep in mind the content as it is currently copyrighted and distributed, is available for individual users. If you’d like multiple team members to have access, we’ll set you up for an Organizational Membership.

Organizational Annual Memberships:

2-6  employees:  $109 per participant, per month (billed annually)

10-25 employees: $103 per participant, per month (billed annually)

25- 50 employees: $97 per participant, per month (billed annually)

50+ employees:$90.00 per participant, per month (billed annually)

As an Organizational Member, each manager will have their own unique username and password.  I will also consult with your learning team/senior leaders when you begin the program to discuss best practices for implementing and using the content as part of your ongoing sustainability plan for manager development.

Additional Live Coaching Meet Ups can be added (for an additional fee) to any one of the Organizational Memberships. During these meet ups, I will provide group coaching, Q/A and problem solving with participants.  These are all conducted via Live Video Calls and can be set up either monthly or bi-monthly.

To schedule a consultation and confirm if an Organizational Membership is the best choice for you, CLICK HERE and select a date/time that works for your schedule.

I know I may be a bit extreme in my obsession with providing accessible leadership tools on a global scale.

I realize not everyone is as much of an evangelist as I am, when it comes to developing managers.

But, here’s the deal.

Management and leadership fitness MATTERS.

There are managers out there who are genuinely suffering every-single-day because they don’t have the tools or wisdom available to them to help them know any better.

I meet them every-single-week.

They are desperate for help.

They want to do well.

We can make SUCH AN INCREDIBLE difference in the world if we help managers learn THE CORE skills they need to be effective, empathetic, clearly directed, accountability-building, leaders.

It is totally possible.

I’ve successfully developed a long list of leaders who’ve worked for me directly.

I’m proud of the work I did with them.

I’m proud of the work they committed to, when we worked together.

And now, for the past five years, I’ve been working with leaders all over the world.

And the problems are still the same.

So, if that’s the case, isn’t it time we tried some new solutions?

Let’s get amazing, simple tools into the hands of the people who need them.

Let’s do so in a manner that makes the information totally accessible.

Let’s make it ridiculously affordable.

Let’s agree that exceptional management and leadership does NOT happen by magic, but by willful and purposeful investment at the organizational and individual level.

I know you’re looking for help.

And I so want to give it to you!

Let’s do this!!









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