What Our Poor Performers Teach Us

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was just a rockstar and achieved all their goals?
Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t actually have to coach or develop or address performance gaps?
But, alas, this is the role of a leader.
To build performance, not inherit it.
When a player doesn’t perform we have two places to look.
Skill set and mindset.
We teach skills.
We invite players to change their thinking.
Poor performers challenge US to be better.
Poor performers reveal for US how we can improve in our coaching, leading and managing.
Poor performers do not insult us.
They do not offend us.
They do not hurt us.
Unless we define their behavior this way.
Poor performers are simply a symptom of their own skill set or mindset gap AND of our management practice.
We can address poor performance simply and consistently.
When we do, instances of poor performance decrease.
The time a poor performer is on the team decreases.
We stop indulging all the sordid reasons WHY someone may not be performing and we just…
Address it.
They either improve or they don’t.
It really is that simple.
Learn from them.
Grow because of them.
Be better for them.
I’ll teach you how.
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