I get to work with some of the most brilliant, interesting leaders on the planet. I often wish I could figure out how to get all of you in one place, so you could all learn and share with one another.

And then… It hit me! I can actually create what I want…. And so I am.

The KAI Circle is exclusively for my clients (former and current).

In this program we will focus on the goals we’ve already been paying attention to as a part of our work together.

That’s why the program is called KEEP AFTER IT.

I don’t want you to STOP all the momentum that comes from working with a coach. BUT,  I also know we don’t need to work together as closely anymore. PLUS, how cool would it be to not only connect with your coach regularly, BUT to also connect with other exceptional leaders like yourself??


Because we’ve worked together you know my tools. You know my approach. And you know what to expect. THAT’s why I will only accept former clients into this work. I want you all to be familiar enough with the work we do, but also have the benefit of learning from new professionals and their collective experience.

Think of KAI as a Masters’ Mastermind.


This program is specifically set up for my former clients who:

  • Have a BIG goal they plan to achieve this year.
  • Are in the middle of or anticipate significant organizational decisions and challenges this year.
  • Want to continue to see improvement on significant relationships with organizational business partners and/or employees.
  • Have more work to do on their internal leadership brand.
  • Are ready to ascend to the next level internally.
  • Are ready to branch out and create their own, unique business or consultancy.
  • Anticipate a significant career decision in the next 12 months.

Here’s why all these folks will work well together.

Everything I’ve outlined here is ‘difficult’.

To do any of this work, you have to be willing to actively take on:

  • FEAR

You also have to do the work of:

  • DEALING-WITH-CHANGE (even when it’s wretchedly uncomfortable).

The leaders I work with, become experts in THESE areas.

Which means they really can take on any form of discomfort, challenge or ambiguity and KEEP.AFTER.IT.


But, it certainly helps when you have a tribe of other leaders who are doing the hard work of it too!

How Does it Work?

Six month program, launching on January 10th

Two, LIVE Group coaching calls per month

THREE, 1:1 Coaching calls with Me. We’ll meet when we begin, in the middle of the program and at the end

Online, group discussion space

Program lasts for six months, but your enrollment can be renewed every six months

Each month, we will focus on a key topic (as outlined above)

Members will be encouraged to share goals, benchmarks, and outcomes with the group


        • Must be a current/former client of mine
        • Managing a minimum of (4) direct reports or have done so within the past two years OR responsible for the development and learning of leaders within your organization
        • Must be earning six figure income/revenue generation
        • Must be managing/overseeing a P&L for department, organization or personal business
        • Director, VP, Founder, Owner and/or Executive Leadership Roles


  • The KAI circle will be intentionally limited to up to 10 clients. If you’d like to join the group starting on January 10, 2018, you can do so by providing a $1000 deposit.
  • The remaining $5995.00 will be collected in three payments of $1998.33. Payments will be collected the first week of the program, the 8th week of the program and the 14th week of the program.

What You Should Expect by Participating

Your self-development dollars are important and you should think wisely about how you invest both your time and your money when it comes to YOU.

But, let’s be clear, every leader and business owner absolutely should be investing in themselves and their own development.

Your goals and your ability to achieve them, matter.

Your success has a direct impact on your own clients, your own products and your own personal family lives.

YOU are the instrument that creates and manifests the life you lead.

Take YOU seriously.


Clients who work with me, create magic in their lives.

I don’t take credit for their outcomes.

But I do take credit for creating the space and experience that allows client’s to connect with their own wisdom.

YOU are so filled with potential and our work together REVEALS it.

Why NOT? Make 2018 the year you really make it happen and KEEP AFTER THAT GOAL … RELENTLESSLY?

I will create the space, the tools and the tribe to hold you up.

YOU will commit to making it happen!

Once you Register

You’ll receive a list of questions to help you think about what you want to focus on during our six months together:

Watch your email. You’ll receive an email with brainstorming questions to help you think through what your current and anticipated challenges are and what you’d like most to focus on. I’ll also be using each of your responses to ensure the proper topics and tools are shared during our six months together.

You’ll receive a link to schedule your fist 1:1 coaching session with me:

We’ll book our first call the week of January 10th. During our first call you can expect that we’ll outline your current status and what your best case scenario is for our next six months together. During this call, we will also schedule your next two 1:1 coaching session calls. One call will be mid-way through, and the last call will be scheduled for the end of the six month program.

You’ll receive access to our SLACK discussion space:

During our time together, you’ll have access to other participants and your coach via this discussion space. We use SLACK to chat about relevant topics, ask questions, ask for feedback and advice and/or just share wins and successes along the way!

All the dates/times/contact info for our LIVE calls:

The schedule will be posted with dates, times and links for each of the live calls.

All calls will be held via ZOOM and offered as videos calls, as well as dial-in.

Given the very busy lives my clients lead, I don’t anticipate each client will make it to every live call (that’s why I’m offering two per month). BUT, the more calls you can join, the better. I will coach two of you on each call. Calls will be recorded and shared back with Circle Members.


I Know You Know This... BUT

Here’s the thing.

I know you know that coaching works.

We’ve already done powerful work together.

I’d love to continue our connection and continue to support you as you thrive.

As I’ve mentioned, my clients are seriously amazing! I’d like nothing more than to have you all share in one another’s exceptional-ness.

I know you have incredible goals.

I also know they can feel overwhelming, daunting and hard-to-do.

Let’s work together to create a space for your creative mind and the accountability you need to keep your commitments to yourself.

You’ve got this.

I’m excited about continuing our work together!

Grab a spot and let’s get started, so you can KEEP AFTER IT.