For Managers Who Want to Become Exceptional

I know you know who are.

You listen to the podcast.

You’ve attended a one-day workshop.

You want to put the tools you’ve learned in the workshop, the podcast or the blog ‘to life’.

The Core is designed to take your learning and your skills to the next level.

This is called a signature program for a reason.

The work involved is powerful.

The Core is designed for leaders who want to go beyond what is expected of them and become recognized as exceptional leaders, coaches and managers.


Most Managers Have Them….

Very few managers have received adequate tools, training and support to properly deal with difficult employees.
As a manager, you likely have moments of total excitement and other moments of complete overwhelm.
The Core is a program designed to give you everything-you-need to design a high performing, engaged, accountable (and not difficult) team.
There are very simple practices you can implement that will alleviate your stress and BOOST your own performance and credibility as a manager.
The goal of The Core is to simplify your role as a leader, while bolstering the key skills you need to become an exceptional, sought after leaders.


When you register for The Core, you will immediately be enrolled in LAUNCH!

LAUNCH! is a FOUR MODULE program that provides the fundamentals required to create a high performing, accountable and engaged team. These fundamentals are referenced throughout the year of our work together. Each on is essential to fostering exceptional team behaviors and mitigating (and eliminating) difficult employees on the team.

The LAUNCH content includes:

THE CORE OVERVIEW AND INTRODUCTION: This Unit provides an overview of the Core Elements and tips for success throughout The Core program.

THE MANAGER’S MIND: As a leader, the first person you need to have a keen understanding of is YOU. What is your relationship with success? Performance? Accountability? Conflict? Etc… In this Unit we explore the values, beliefs and perspectives you hold that are contributing and detracting from your ability to master the leadership of others.  The work in this Unit is essential for anyone who leads others. Self-awareness and understanding are at the root of improving communication skills, performance management practices and our ability to find joy, confidence and peace in our work of managing others. This unit covers key topics including:

  • Leadership values
  • Perception and results
  • Our mind as our most powerful performance tool
  • Understanding where behavior and emotion come from
  • How emotions impact our leadership practice

SETTING EXPECTATIONS:  Setting clear, well understood expectations is a foundational exercise for all leaders.  Unfortunately, setting expectations is often a misunderstood practice, as many leaders believe they have set clear expectations….Only to be shocked and dismayed when employees don’t do exactly what they expected.  In this Unit we will outline:

  • How Values impact our Expectations
  • What are leadership expectations?
  • The difference between expectations, rules and goals.
  • Examples of expectations
  • How to engage team members in the expectations conversation
  • How to assimilate expectations ‘into’ your team culture
  • How expectations align with and impact performance and accountability

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: We hire people to achieve goals so the organization can achieve its goals.  When performance requirements are unclear, we set ourselves up to struggle as leaders.  We also set our employees up to be constantly confused… and eventually disengaged.  In this UNIT, we will outline, discuss and implement:

  • What are Performance Indicators and why do they matter?
  • How to define and establish Key Performance Indicators for each role on your team (or within your organization)
  • How KPI foster and enable a ‘clean’ culture of accountability and performance
  • How to integrate KPI into the team and determine their effectiveness
  • What are Performance Indicators and why do they matter?

Each subsequent month of The Core, members will participate in a new Unit focused on common challenges leaders face dealing with performance, accountability and team management.

Core Members receive monthly access to:
-Core Element Modules-
-Video Lessons –
-Companion Guides-
-Live, group coaching with Master Coach Kris Plachy-
-Discussion with Other Manager Members-

Our coaching calls will focus on a few members each time. Every member will have the opportunity to volunteer for a coaching experience with me.  All coaching workshops will be recorded and available for 72 hours after the call. Even if you don’t get coached, the experience is exceptionally powerful. Since we are all managing people, you’ll find the experiences of others to be very similar to your own and you will be able to apply the coaching insights to your own management practice!


As corporate HR Manager, I often feel that the solid framework (or ‘core’) of helping my managers lead their people had eluded me. It’s like, even though I’m trained and completely qualified, something was always missing for me when it came to understanding the motivators behind other peoples’ negative actions (or non-action).
Now I know – it was this program that was missing! Gosh – where have you been all my life?!”

– Lisa Dowling – HR Manager

“Working with Kris in The Core has been a game changer for my career. The live Coaching Workshops have offered me the opportunity to not only get direct coaching from Kris but to hear the tools and concepts being applied by other professionals in industries all over the world. The format of the program allows for on-demand learning that can fit into the busiest of schedules. The Core is helping me to improve my ability to coach and develop my team.  It is providing me a framework to lead and manage my team.”

– Pete Russo- Training Manager

“The Core is helping me to improve my ability to coach and develop my team.  It is providing me a framework to lead and manage my team. The format of the program allows for… me to work at my own pace, to review the materials and to work on the assignments.”

– Judi DeJarnette, M.D., Quality, Patient Safety

Working with Kris in The Core has been fun, supportive and engaging.  The live Coaching Workshops have offered me to experience the concepts in an interactive way.The format of the program allows for self-paced and flexible way of learning. Kris has a very effective way of communicating difficult concepts in a simple way to make it easy to implement.

– Noushin Dunkelman, Founder & President MaxSynergy Consulting, LLC

 “Working with Kris in The Core has been inspiring. The live Coaching Workshops have offered me the opportunity to explore and understand the essential of the Core content. The format of the program allows to apply in a short time the essential of the people managing. The Core has helped me to better understand about our thinking process and also provides language around concepts that I know intuitively.”

– Cristian Folica, Chief Accountant

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The Core will accelerate your success and your performance as a manager

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What you can expect:

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What Managers Who Complete The Core Annual Program Should Expect

Most managers are promoted based on their technical experience and success.

Learning key leadership, management and coaching skills is an entirely new skill set.

Studies show that only one in ten managers is ‘naturally’ good at managing others.

If that’s the case, we all have a lot of learning to do.

Investing in your management skill will be the cornerstone of your long, successful career in leading, coaching and managing others. Once learned, these skills become a part of you. My commitment to my clients is that you will be able to coach and manage anyone on anything, anywhere on anything. It may seem like a tall order, but once you’ve learned THE CORE elements of managing others, you really will be able to handle any challenge presented to you at work, with skill and competence!

Once completed you should expect to be able to do the following:

  • Build or fix teams to their highest performance potential.
  • Handle tough conversation with ease.
  • Deliver positive and challenging feedback following a simple, reliable formula.
  • Develop high performers and hold low performers accountable (consistently).
  • Improve team engagement.
  • Deal with difficult employees with confidence.
  • Prevent future difficult employees.
  • Possess a new level of confidence and pride in your management practice.
  • Stand out amongst your peers for exceptional leadership, coaching and management skill.
  • Create repeatable, sustainable performance management practices for your current and future teams.

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