Do You Coach and Train Leaders but Lack Content?

You need tools for your managers and leaders.

You work in HR, Training or Organizational Development.

Your company doesn’t have the tools or resources it needs to develop managers.

Maybe it’s because you’re growing so fast.

Or maybe it’s because your a smaller business without a lot of layers.

We have exactly what you need in The Manager Formula.

As a Coach Member of The Manager Formula, you will have access to all of the tools, PLUS Coach-the-Coach support with Kris Plachy.

In addition to the tools outlined in The Manager Formula, you will have:

A Coach Guide to help managers go through the program

Bi-Monthly Coaching calls with Kris to help you, coach and develop your leaders

To qualify as a coach, you’ll need a minimum of (4) participating managers from your organization in The Manager Formula. You will be one of the (4).

We offer group registration options for organizations, so CLICK HERE to schedule time to talk with the team about what you need and how we can help.

Our Work Together

You will learn how to coach leaders at any level within the organization.

You will learn the key practices that all organizations must have in place to create high performing teams AND address difficult employees and leaders.

You will learn the ‘back stage’ tools necessary to address the CAUSE of performance failures and poor behaviors with individuals and within teams.

You will become part of a growing community of leadership experts and coaches who can develop leaders based on the needs of our dynamic organizational environments.

What I Teach

  • Causal Coaching: Learn WHY leaders do what they do, so you can help them solve their professional and organizational challenges, not jus fix them.
  • Accountability Practices: Most leaders lack these skills. Once you learn the formula for helping leaders, you can help them change their organization.
  • How to Coach: For YOU and the leaders you support. Coaching is a price-of-entry skills today. There will continue to be more and more demand for great coaches who can teach others to do the same.
  • How to Deal with Difficult People: Difficult people (leaders and employees) are a HUGE problem in organizations today. I will share all my tools, books and resources I use to support both difficult leaders and leaders dealing with difficult employees.