Unprepared and undeveloped managers dramatically impact organizational culture and performance.

Let’s not mince words on this one.

The culture of your organization is the engine driving your success and your challenges.

Managers (at all levels) have a profound impact on performance, accountability, engagement, and retention.

As leaders we all play a vital role in how well we design our organizational processes, and develop our managers to expediently handle challenges as soon as they begin to tear at the fabric of our company culture.

We specialize in triaging teams and individuals who play a vital role in organizational performance.

To address ‘crisis’ moments in culture and performance (and to avoid them), we have to work with all levels of the organization.

Learning how to lead and manage high performing teams is not complicated. In fact, it’s formulaic. At each level within an organization there are very specific, simple practices leaders can implement that will change the trajectory of the team… immediately.


“Kris Plachy is probably the most influential person I have encountered in my career. She has an unparalleled energy and passion for her craft. She understands her clients and what their needs are and offers creative and meaningful solutions. I dare you to find an obstacle that Kris cannot offer a solution to. She helps your staff build themselves up up by teaching managers how to develop people. I can assure you that if you engage with Kris Plachy, you will enhance your career immeasurably..”

– Education Leader – US

“I had the pleasure of working with Kris last summer at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. As manager of the Leadership track for that event. Kris hit the ball out of the park! Some of the comments from attendees include: “A very engaging and enthusiastic presenter… The best session I’ve attended this week.” and “Kris was engaging, funny, and on point. Great insight on how to approach what we consider “difficult” people by identifying specific behaviors that affect the performance and how to successfully coach them.” I couldn’t recommend Kris more highly!”

– Mktg Program Manager – US

“Kris Plachy is an amazing person. Kris is well known for her passion in helping those around her to become better leaders. Kris leads by example and is very real. She is intentional in all of her interactions and is always finding ways to improve processes and people. I would recommend Kris Plachy as a true professional who has great interpersonal savvy and an amazing personality that draws people towards her. Kris challenges herself and those around her to be better and doesn’t take herself too seriously so it is always fun to be around Kris.”

– Franchise Owner – US


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